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  • nothing but soon to be

    I haven’t been writing much since the move. depression has me firmly in its grip. and since moving I have more time to think and grieve, it sucks lol. I do have some stories I have been working on so never fear lol. I have always been very open about my mental health. it’s a…

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  • the serial killer

    the serial killer

    Shortly after my mother died, my boyfriend broke up with me. I didn’t have to ask if there was anybody else. His social media told me so. For days, I stared at my phone and studied the faces of the happy couple. They pulled their lips back in satisfied grins and their eyes glittered with…

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  • vampire


    my short story/poem/piece has been published by tales from the moonlit path. vampire by aelily it’s been an amazing week! thank you for all of the support.

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