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  • The Pale Lady Narration

    The Pale Lady Narration

    It’s been awhile! I haven’t been writing or posting as much lately because I am moving next month! It’s an exciting but exhausting time for me and I miss writing but I’ll be back at it soon. ANYWAY, my story the pale lady was narrated!! it also has over 1k upvotes on reddit which makes […]

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  • along came the spider god

    along came the spider god

    I found the girl’s bones in the house, tucked inside the attic. They had been picked clean and were colored stone gray. The only flesh that remained on her skeleton was the skin stretched taut across her skull. It cradled her eyes precariously in their sockets, and I watched as a spider wove delicate webs […]

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  • vampire


    my short story/poem/piece has been published by tales from the moonlit path. vampire by aelily it’s been an amazing week! thank you for all of the support.

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  • to you with love (formerly pieces)

    to you with love (formerly pieces)

    trigger warning: self harm It started after my sister disappeared, and I wish I had noticed sooner. Mom tried to tell us, but we didn’t listen. We thought she was crazy, and she was, but she was also correct. We should have listened, we should have done something, but it’s too late, and it doesn’t […]

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  • Part I: The Slow Ascent

    Part I: The Slow Ascent

    I’m pretty sure my mom’s boyfriend died before we moved into the house. Look, I know it’s crazy, and I have never been one to believe in the supernatural. But how else could you explain what happened after we moved in? What other possible explanation could there be besides me going insane? No, I am […]

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  • The Slow Ascent Narrated by Nexia

    Hi all! Since I’ve started posting my stories I’ve had requests from voice actors to narrate them. My story The Slow Ascent was narrated by the wonderful Nexia . Please check it out and subscribe to her channel. She did an amazing job and I am blown away by her talent and immensely flattered.

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