I Don’t Regret Killing My Boyfriend


happy and busy days! I haven’t been writing or doing much of anything lately besides packing and crying because I just moved last weekend!

It’s been a whirlwind and everything is chaotic and happy days I start school on Monday 😭😭😭

I’ll be fine when everything is unpacked, assembled, and put away but I hope to write soon because I miss it so much.

In Amazing and unbelievable news my story “I Don’t Regret Killing My Boyfriend” was published by Etherea Magazine! I’m so happy and just shocked lol. This year has been pretty amazing so far. I want to keep this momentum going.

You can buy an issue of the magazine here and it’s a deal packed with amazing talent.

Again, I’m so grateful and happy and this is a nice treat during these chaotic days.

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