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  • outlast


    It’s not the dark that scares me. It’s what it brings to life. It sparks every latent fear alight and summons what hides in the deepest confines of the night. I can’t run anymore. My leg is broken, and my head feels like it is about to split in half. The pain is excruciating, but […]

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  • to you with love (formerly pieces)

    to you with love (formerly pieces)

    trigger warning: self harm It started after my sister disappeared, and I wish I had noticed sooner. Mom tried to tell us, but we didn’t listen. We thought she was crazy, and she was, but she was also correct. We should have listened, we should have done something, but it’s too late, and it doesn’t […]

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  • nosleep podcast

    nosleep podcast

    my story pieces also known as to you with love has been produced by the nosleep podcast!! i’m so excited! please check it out. pieces by aelily also check out the story on my blog!

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  • The Witch’s Grave – Part II: The Woods

    The Witch’s Grave – Part II: The Woods

    The bats were following me, and they told me horrible things. “Somebody died in the creek, you know–a young boy,” one whispered. “His body was swollen and blue when they fished him out,” another bat sneered. “And when they placed him on the dirt, his stomach burst and was full of maggots.” “Don’t you want […]

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  • The Witch’s Grave – Part I: The Woods

    The Witch’s Grave – Part I: The Woods

    It was Caleb who told us about the church in the woods. Caleb knew every urban legend in town. Me and his twin sister, Beck, would go along with him in search of proof and a glimpse of the supernatural. There was the lizard man, the haunted frog pond, and the murder house on Ash […]

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  • Part I: The Slow Ascent

    Part I: The Slow Ascent

    I’m pretty sure my mom’s boyfriend died before we moved into the house. Look, I know it’s crazy, and I have never been one to believe in the supernatural. But how else could you explain what happened after we moved in? What other possible explanation could there be besides me going insane? No, I am […]

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  • The Slow Ascent Narrated by Nexia

    Hi all! Since I’ve started posting my stories I’ve had requests from voice actors to narrate them. My story The Slow Ascent was narrated by the wonderful Nexia . Please check it out and subscribe to her channel. She did an amazing job and I am blown away by her talent and immensely flattered.

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